The reason why static pressure liquid level gauge stands out from many liquid level gauges


Static pressure liquid level gauge is a pressure sensor for measuring liquid level. Based on the principle that the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of the liquid, the static pressure is converted into electrical signal by using foreign advanced isolated diffused silicon sensor or ceramic capacitor pressure sensor, and then converted into standard electrical signal through temperature compensation and linear correction.

What is the reason why static pressure level gauge stands out from many level gauges because of its performance advantages?

1. High sensitivity. The sensitivity factor of diffused silicon sensitive resistance is 50 ~ 80 times higher than that of metal strain gauge, and its full-scale signal output is about 80-120mv. It has good adaptability to the interface circuit. Due to its low input excitation voltage, large output signal and no loss of mechanical moving parts, the resolution is very high;

2. High frequency response. Due to the high natural frequency of sensitive diaphragm silicon material, it is generally 50kc. The manufacturing process adopts the integrated process, the effective area of the diaphragm can be very small, and the special design of front installation with rigid structure makes the frequency response of the sensor very high, and the use bandwidth can reach zero frequency to 100 kHz;

3. The diaphragm has no strain, no deformation, and is sensitive to mechanical wear in the order of microns. Long mean time between failures, stable performance, high reliability, impact resistance and lightning protection design; Laser resistance adjustment temperature compensation, zero point and range can be adjusted on site; Wide range of corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of media; Strong overload and anti-interference ability and stable performance;

4. High precision, the sensing, sensitive conversion and detection of diffused silicon pressure sensor are Trinity, and there is no mechanical moving part to connect the conversion link, so the repeatability and hysteresis error are very small. Due to the good rigidity of silicon material, the linearity of shape sensor is also very good. Therefore, the accuracy of comprehensive statement is very high;

5. The temperature performance is good. With the progress of integration technology, the consistency of four resistances of diffused silicon sensitive film has been further improved. The original manual compensation has been replaced by laser resistance adjustment and computer automatic trimming technology. The zero position and sensitivity temperature coefficient of the sensor have reached the order of 10-5 / ℃, and the working temperature has also been greatly improved;

6. The anti electric breakdown performance is good. Due to the use of special materials and assembly technology, the diffused silicon sensor can not only be used normally at 130 ℃, but also resist the impact of 1500V / AC voltage in strong magnetic field and high voltage breakdown test.

The static pressure liquid level gauge has the advantages of simple structure, convenient device and easy use. It can accept overload operation for a certain time, comply with the corrosive working environment and has good resistance to corrosive media. The price of static pressure liquid level gauge is moderate, with long service life, which is enough to meet the economic needs of enterprises for liquid level gauge.



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