The instrument industry will develop towards intelligence


With the continuous development of science and technology, the development of instrument industry has also followed the pace of the information age and stepped into the era of network and intelligence. With the continuous progress and expansion of computer technology and network technology, the modern instrument industry will develop in the direction of PC and workstation, forming a practical measurement and control system through the establishment of network, improving production efficiency and sharing information resources. There are four major development trends in China's instrument industry in the future.

1. With the continuous development and maturity of microelectromechanical technology and the continuous reduction of price, its application fields will continue to increase, so miniaturization is one of the development trends of instruments and meters in the future. Micro instruments and meters will not only have the functions of traditional instruments and meters, but also play a unique role in the fields of automation technology, aerospace, military, biotechnology and medical treatment.

2. In the future, instruments and meters will be more multifunctional. This multifunctional integrated product not only has higher performance than the special pulse generator and frequency synthesizer, but also provides a better solution in various test functions.

3. Artificial intelligence is a new field of computer application. In the future, instruments and meters will be further developed and contain a certain amount of artificial intelligence to replace part of people's mental work. After the application of artificial intelligence in modern instruments and meters, it can not only solve a kind of problems that are difficult to solve by traditional methods, but also be expected to solve problems that cannot be solved by traditional methods.

4. With the rapid development of network technology, network technology is gradually infiltrating into the field of industrial control and intelligent instrument system design. In the future, the instrument industry will integrate ISP and emit technology to realize its networking. The concept of networked instrument is a breakthrough in the concept of traditional measuring instrument. Network is the concept of instrument. It accurately summarizes the development trend of networked instrument. With the continuous progress of the times and the continuous innovation of technology, more unknown fields are waiting for human beings to explore. The instrument industry will also develop in a more intelligent and high-end direction driven by the network era.



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